The following is a list of the terms and conditions that apply when engaging in any form of contract for services with Clearview Cleaning Services Ltd (“Clearview”). These include everything from payment for services, cancellations as well as limited liability of our company and are binding upon acceptance of services offered in any form.

  1. Contractual Agreement. A contract, and therefore this document and its terms hereinafter, are binding upon acceptance, provided in any form, for any of the professional services offered and estimated upon. There are no exceptions to this.
  2. Satisfaction & Refund Policy. While we strive for 100% satisfaction on all jobs carried out with all customers, we realize that this will not be possible in every instance. This can be due to limitations in working with customer materials, to scheduling & timing issues, possible communication misunderstandings & more. In the event a customer is not satisfied, Clearview always endeavours to deliver a high standard of service and will consider all details about any aspect regarding services performed or other customer concerns. Our company reserves the right to determine whether any situation can be remediated or rectified. However, if in the rare case a customer should not be 100% satisfied with a service or services and it is deemed not possible to rectify any aspect of services already performed, take note that we will not issue a refund for our services under any circumstances or are we obliged to discount service rates that have been agreed upon hitherto.
  3. Scheduling. We require that in the event of a needed cancellation from a job that has been awarded and scheduled, that we be notified 48hours in advance wherever possible. Please note that regardless of providing sufficient or any notification at all, we will consider all work in the same status as originally and reserve the right to bill for any portion of the service costs that were scheduled. Also in some cases, we may not be able to provide notification for inability to arrive at the designated work site on the date and/or time services were originally scheduled. We offer our sincerest apology and will do everything we can to reschedule services at our next available calendar opening.
  4. Payment. All services that are performed on a customer’s property, whether it be a residence, storefront, strata or commercial building, will be invoiced with a Due Date for payment along with payment options for payment convenience. Please note that all Residential labor is due and payable in full upon delivery (COD) if we have invoiced for completed services. Other service sectors such as Commercial or Strata, may be subject to payment between 14-30 days as per generally accepted B2B billing protocols.
  5. Liability Limitations. We cannot be required to produce information or financial remuneration for any incident that may occur. And reserve the right to withhold information we may consider private pertaining to the operations and structure of our organization. If a mishap occurs on a customer property, please be assured the matter will be dealt with in a fair and considerate manner. Our case rate is almost zero (0) and we have performed services at many thousands of homes, retail storefronts, complexes & businesses over the years. You are in very good hands with our organization and our experience level we offer.
  6. Personal Information. Please note that none of the personal information we collect for the purpose of conducting our business in an orderly and efficient manner is sold or vended to any 3rd party at any time. We hold our customer data, including payment information, in the strictest of confidence and is useful for our own internal purposes only. This may also include periodic marketing or Email reminders about services, promotions & other offerings.

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